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icons by dance_the_dance
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textures, brushes and (very rarely) tutorials or bases are from:
bambinainnero, toybirds, 99mockingbirds, below_blues, frictionally, yourdeal, moot, flamelove, loveicon, missnicoleicons, nineteen07, kara11190, seriouslywir, piemin, crisscross_icon, music_fun, _iconographer, zsoo, sweetgirl7808, naginis, misarte, pinkmelons, awmpdotnet, colorfilter, silverqe, wicked_enough, cheyennemaria, the_preamble, myannarose, shadedcolor, dont_be_so_base, hollow-art, eriksangel84, noisettee at coloured_skies, vikyvampirs90, ownthesunshine, lore_85, flor_d_liz, shark_bitten, aube_des_arts, fortunate_acdnt, ohfreckle, ultravioleticon, drankmywar, esqa, eternalpasion, icons_are_hot, she_rockstar, silverqe, yunhe, innocent_lexys at dustypaper, neckerchief, dimensiongirl, _lila

The list is NOT complete (mostly because I didn't save sources for stuff I had made before making this community), so please let me know if I've used anything without crediting. Just comment under any of my posts and I'll credit! :)

profile code by refuted

personal icon/graphic communities/journals: bella_sol, kissesandroses, lukas_fullofart, lyckaa, petitemerci, teaintokyo
challenges: keira_stillness, nextpicture, paradis_stills, post_itt, you_choose_ic
other: jdepp_lovers, lets_find_it, memetastic

All kinds of icon related communities and journals are welcome (personal, group, fandom, challenges, awards... as long as their content isn't inappropriate) - just comment under any of my posts and I'll add you. :)

Feel free to snag, comment, join/watch. No direct-linking. Credit is optional. :)

(for things that are bigger than individual challenges, such as LIMS and rumble/iconathon final results)

winner here at bwlims

winner here at lost_rumble

winner here at brangelinalims

winner here at bspears_lims

winner here at disney_rumble

winner here at emilie_lims

winner here at celeb_rumble

winner here at celeb_rumble

winner here at lims_btvs

winner here at lims_btvs

winner here at lims_btvs

2nd place here at evangeline_lims

2nd place here at theron_lims

2nd place here at actorlims

2nd place here at limslost

2nd place here at panettierelims

2nd place here at millalims

2nd place here at haydenp_lims

2nd place here at celebiconathon

2nd and 3rd place here at tv_movie_icons

3rd place here at rihanna_lims

3rd place here at theron_lims

3rd place here at truebloodrumble

3rd place here at island_rumble

3rd place here at angelbtvs_theme

2nd place here at xtina_lims
2nd place here at keira_lims
2nd place here at stars_lims
2nd place here at scarlett_lims
3rd place here at duo_lims

13 going on 30, adele, alanis morissette, alexis bledel, ali larter, alicia keys, america ferrera, angel coulby, angelina jolie, anita lipnicka, anna popplewell, anne hathaway, avril lavigne, battlestar galactica, beauty and the beast, beyonce, billie piper, bones, brad pitt, brangelina, brenda song, britney spears, brokedown palace, buffy the vampire slayer, carita de angel, carrie underwood, charlize theron, christina aguilera, christina milian, christina ricci, christmas, corinne bailey rae, disney, doctor who, dollhouse, drew barrymore, duffy, easter, eliza dushku, emilie de ravin, emily deschanel, evangeline lilly, fergie, firefly, full house, gabourey sidibe, gabrielle union, georgie henley, gilmore girls, gladiator, glee, gummi bears, gwen stefani, hayden panettiere, heath ledger, heroes, hilary duff, ian somerhalder, icons, india.arie, jennifer garner, jennifer hudson, jennifer lopez, jessica alba, joel madden, johnny depp, jordin sparks, josh holloway, juno, kasia nosowska, katie holmes, keira knightley, keisha castle-hughes, kelly clarkson, kelly rowland, kirsten dunst, kristen bell, kristen stewart, lawn dogs, leona lewis, leonardo dicaprio, lilo & stitch, lily allen, little miss sunshine, liv tyler, lord of the rings, lost, lost cast, m.i.a., maggie grace, marion cotillard, martina mcbride, melanie brown, merlin, michelle rodriguez, miley cyrus, milla jovovich, mischa barton, mulan, mya, naomi watts, natalia kukulska, natalie portman, natasha bedingfield, nelly furtado, nick cannon, norah jones, olsen twins, once upon a time, p!nk, patricia kazadi, penelope cruz, pirates of the caribbean, precious, prince caspian, princess and the frog, quo vadis, reese witherspoon, rescue rangers, rihanna, robin williams, rosario dawson, sabrina the teenage witch, sarah michelle gellar, scarlett johansson, shakira, speak, stand by me, stock, teri hatcher, thandie newton, the a-team, the chronicles of narnia, the cosby show, the incredibles, the island, the kelly family, the lion king, the man who cried, the pursuit of happyness, the suite life, the x-files, tlc, toy story, true blood, veronica mars, whitney houston, yunjin kim, zoe saldana, zooey deschanel

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