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100 icons claim: Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers

100 Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers icons for iconaday

completed: November 17, 2009

feel free to snag, comment, join/watch. credit is optional. :)

inbetween artist's choice 1 busy what? cult of personality
suffer one day more road trip rule the world hope
give up green artist's choice 2 graduation up
cheap hug it out split ocean creepy
sky artist's choice 3 misery loves
emergency destiny
math current young artist's choice 4 I don't get it
true love country well-intentioned musical chocolate
artist's choice 5 conquer Broadway sepia sunrise
this is now duty artist's choice 6 friendship make our escape
my favorite book brave easy evolution artist's choice 7
resistance dream locked playing along scream
artist's choice 8 hair annoyed invisible whisper
complete internet lingo artist's choice 9 past wounded
white round shout out brief artist's choice 10
sexy sound effects end of days floral fireflies
heart artist's choice 11 excitement reconcile pain
ridiculous destroy loser artist's choice 12 frightening
silence that time depressed give it a rest beverage
of choice
artist's choice 13 please be gentle screen my dear reunite
miracle artist's choice 14 abandon lean on me laughing with

+ alternates:
01 02 03 04
05 06 07

Go make your own claim at iconaday too. :D IMO it's even more fun than regular 100 icons challenges - almost all icons are themed instead of only half of them being themed and the rest being "artist's choice". And you don't actually have to make an icon every day or for every theme!
And you'll get a shiny banner:
Tags: !100 icons claim, chip 'n dale rescue rangers, disney
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